Memories of Africa: Graduand Reflects on EDFX 490 Program

Stephanie Baynton always wanted to go to Africa. She just needed a push. The University of Alberta graduand received the motivation she needed last year when she learned about the EDFX 490 program that allows students to teach in Ghana. "I’d always been interested in teaching overseas so it seemed like a good stepping stone,” says Baynton.

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Gay-Straight Alliances Paving the Way to the Future

Growing movement aims to create safe schools and encourage inclusivity

It’s not so strange to find clubs on the campus of any high school.  Students with common interests connect all the time to join groups focused on sports and academic clubs as well as social clubs.

But it’s only recently that students have gotten together to form gay-straight alliances, or GSAs.  Today they’re one of the fastest growing social movements within schools in North America.

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A Sneak Peek at Teaching AP and IB

Two Edmonton high school teachers gave us a little insight about what it takes to teach in the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs and what’s so great about having the job.

Offered in more than 100 countries, the AP Program focuses on preparing students for post-secondary entrance, offering the opportunity to take courses and earn university credits while still in high school.

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Edu Life | Ep.13 | CAPS Education Job Fair/Africa Field Experience

This week on Edu Life, the weekly Youtube show made by students for students, we have two awesome segments for you. First up, we brought CAPS in to talk about the upcoming Education job fair. Be sure to watch and learn all about this important event.

In the second segment, we hear a few words from both current students and alumni about the EDFX 490 Field Experience in Ghana, Africa. For those interested in joining us in Ghana for the spring/summer program, please email Lucy De Fabrizio (

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The Evolving World of Physical Education

 The one curricular area in education that you might not expect to be embracing the current wave of technological “enhancements” for students in today’s classroom is physical education.

“Not so,” says Professor David Chorney, who teaches in the Department of Secondary Education in the Faculty of Education at the U of A.

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Field Experience in Africa: Cassandra's Story

For Cassandra Westerman, her journey to Ghana all started with a song. Westerman, who is in her final year of early education in a collaborative program at the University of Alberta, had always thought she would travel abroad to China as part of her studies. But during a presentation about the University of Alberta’s EDFX 490 program at her campus in Medicine Hat, Westerman was shocked to hear a familiar tune – a song she had used for a class project. She then learned that the song was actually a Ghanaian song, something she hadn’t previously realized.

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Edu Life | S1 Ep 12 | ECSD Job Application Tips, Child Nutrition

Are you interested in teaching for Edmonton Catholic Schools? You will appreciate some insider tips from Marc Motut, staffing manager for ECSD.

For more information about the application process, visit and

In segment two, we talk to Dr. Field about child nutrition and find out just how important proper eating habits are for students, especially considering their minds and bodies are still growing.

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A Primer on PISA

When it comes to the global ranking of education systems, all eyes are on PISA, the Programme for International Student Assessment. Results for its 2012 data collection are set to come out this week (Dec 3rd, 2013).

PISA is the brainchild of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and is administered to participating countries. It’s goal: “To evaluate education systems worldwide every three years by assessing 15-year-olds' competencies in the key subjects: reading, mathematics and science.”

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Advocating Equity For All

A passionate advocate who works tirelessly to ensure equal opportunities and protect the rights of sexual and gender minorities and LGBTQ youth has been honoured by Avenue magazine as one of Edmonton’s 40 most exceptional community leaders under 40 years of age.

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