Study calls for mandatory sexual health education in schools

Unfounded parental fears have always outweighed a student’s right to access comprehensive sexual health information in school, according to education professor and researcher André Grace. He says it’s time for provincial and territorial governments to put the health and safety of young people first by making sexual health education mandatory for every student.

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Games STEM teachers play

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Message from the Dean — Fall 2018

Welcome to the Fall 2018 issue of illuminate. It’s been a busy and rewarding time in the Faculty of Education, with an undergraduate program review and renewal underway, the ongoing development of a draft strategic plan, celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), and continued teaching, research, projects and initiatives for the public good.

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It takes a community to support comprehensive school health

How can schools effectively support health and wellness for students and teachers alike to provide an optimal learning environment? The Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellow is hoping to help provide answers about how to build healthy school communities for Albertans from kindergarten to post-secondary—then share the model with the rest of the world.

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National Youth Dialogue sparks community-based research on reconciliation

Students from nine different schools across Canada are joining together in a virtual classroom to discuss the meaning of reconciliation—and to learn how to advocate for equity and justice.

The National Youth Dialogue project, based in the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research (CGCER) at the University of Alberta, will bring together approximately 700 Grade 9 students from coast to coast to practice a crucial aspect of citizenship they might not learn otherwise.

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Listening to teachers’ voices on experiences of trauma

Awareness of how trauma impacts student wellness and learning is growing, with protocols like the Trauma Learning Policy Initiative (TLPI) providing a roadmap for teachers to help create trauma-sensitive classrooms. But a University of Alberta education researcher says such protocols are incomplete without a key element: teachers’ experiences.

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In brief: Education research news

The Faculty of Education has a proud tradition not only of producing great educators, but great educational research. Here are some recent stories you may have missed about UAlberta education researchers and the important work they do to improve teaching and learning in Alberta, in Canada and around the world.

New app shines spotlight on impact of Edmonton’s queer history

An app that takes users on a guided virtual tour of Edmonton’s queer history—with stops at sites of events that had an impact on LGBTQ+ rights across Canada and around the world—was launched in June.

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2018 Fall Class Notes

This issue of illuminate looks at issues around mental health and wellness, for students, teachers and school communities. We asked some of our alumni why it’s important for educators to practice self-care and to share some of their favourite ways to de-stress.

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Honour Roll: Faculty awards and recognition

One of the reasons the UAlberta Faculty of Education is recognized as one of the best in Canada is the quality of teaching, research and scholarship that takes place here. Congratulations to the following faculty members, who have achieved distinction in these areas and have recently been acknowledged for their impactful work, both within and beyond the academic community.

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