A Tribute to Dr. Ted Aoki (1919 - 2012)

by Terry Carson,  (Professor Emeritus) BA, BEd, MEd, PhD (University of Alberta)

Dr. Ted Aoki, who was an academic staff member in the Department of Secondary Education from 1964 to 1985, and Chair of the Department from 1978 to 1985, passed away in Vancouver on August 31, 2012. Appropriately, the newspaper announcement of his passing began with a beautiful quotation about teaching from Henry Brooks Adams. It reads: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”.

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organicKidz Founder Wins Alumni Award for Excellence

By Omar Mouallem

There couldn't have been a worse start to Jane Walter's Sunday morning. The Calgary entrepreneur had long sent the Chinese factory her designs for a batch of wide-mouth baby bottles that were to be organicKidz's debut in the mass market. Soon, Walmart shoppers were going to understand the hype behind the world's first stainless steel baby bottle maker, the same one raved about by celebrity moms like Tori Spelling for being toxin free.

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Three Cheers for Serendipity

When Dianne Greenough began teaching at a struggling high school in the late 1970s, she had no idea she’d end up launching Edmonton’s cheerleading scene

In an industrial enclave of West Edmonton, behind a rather ho-hum beige façade, lies 15,000 sq feet of cheerleading paradise: Perfect Storm Athletics. To the uninitiated, the facility resembles a gymnastics school or possibly a large dance studio. But with a large trampoline, a 40-ft tumbling track, mirrors and ballet bars, it’s designed for a modern blend of the two sports: acrobatic (aka “All Star”) cheerleading.

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Tony Hesby: B.Ed. fuels career in business

For those looking for proof that completing a B.Ed. degree can propel your career prospects into the stratosphere, there is no better story to hear than Tony Hesby’s.

After graduating from the Faculty of Education in 1969, Hesby landed a teaching job with St. Albert Protestant School where he taught social studies and language arts. He loved being in the classroom and immediately sought out new ways to get his students involved with current affairs.

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A Postcard from Macau, China

by Vivian Lee

In the spring of 2012, four of us had the opportunity to travel to Macau, China for our APTs. We came from different backgrounds and interests, all with varying scores on the travel-savvy meter, and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. What we do know is that we ended up having an absolute BLAST.

Nevertheless, when asked to write a quick “postcard” about the experience, we kind of balked at the idea.

See, the thing is, writing a postcard is like being in a plane.

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Teaching in a Chinese Maple Leaf School

In the middle of her summer break, Sara Cochrane (BEd ’11) agreed to come in and talk to us about her experience teaching in a Chinese high school over the past year.

Like many of our alumni, Cochrane counts family influence as being a key contributor to her career choice. “My dad is a teacher. He gave me the inside line on what teaching is all about,” she says.

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The things we carry: A profile of Carla Peck and social justice in elementary education

By Vivian Lee

Rarely can any of us articulate that moment of our childhood when we first realized that someone – a classmate, a friend, or a stranger – was different from us.

For Dr. Carla Peck, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, however, that moment and her response to it has had a resounding impact on her life’s work.

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Indigenous Teaching Gardens Open

This past Monday, the Faculty of Education unveiled its new Indigenous Teaching Gardens at an opening ceremony attended by students, staff and the public. While the Indigenous flowers, shrubs and other plants are, in many cases, still just seeds in pots, there was a strong sense amongst those who were in attendance that germination of something special has already begun.

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A New School Year Begins

Dear Education Students,

We hope you had an excellent summer. September is upon us, and we’re back to the books! We’re looking forward to crunchy leaves, crisp textbook pages, and excessively large cups of coffee on early autumn mornings. We’re also excited to have the hallways and classrooms fill up again with the lively chatter of students and teachers.

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