Inclusion should extend to physical education, elementary ed prof says

Inclusion fostered in the classroom doesn’t have to end once physical education kicks off, at least if you take Hayley Morrison’s advice.

The Elementary Education professor focuses her research and teaching practice on supporting inclusion in physical education. The goal is for students of all abilities to be able to partake in activities. In Morrison’s experience, a student’s physicality or neurodiversity shouldn’t be a barrier to their participation.

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‘Fake’ news, ‘real’ dinosaurs and the quest for media literacy

An education professor at the University of Alberta noticed there was a lack of resources about media literacy aimed at young people. So, with the help of their partner who happens to be an illustrator, they made their own in hopes that readers would learn something about misinformation, emotion regulation—and dinosaurs.

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ATEP student first in Faculty to take final exams orally in Cree

Carla Singer admits that, as a student new to the University of Alberta, she’s still finding her way around campus. But as a Cree speaker and traditional knowledge holder, Singer has been blazing new trails by becoming the first student in the Faculty of Education at the U of A to take some of her exams for required courses orally and in her first language.

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Weaving intergenerational wisdom for strength and resilience

Trudy Cardinal has fond memories of the ways in which traditional and cultural knowledge were shared when she was growing up in northern Alberta. That’s why the professor of elementary education wants this generation of young Indigenous women to have a similar opportunity.

“When I was young and we gathered around the aunties, we were always doing something but the thing wasn’t where the teachings laid, it was in the living together, the being together, the eating together,” Cardinal said.

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Message from the Dean — Fall 2018

Welcome to the Fall 2018 issue of illuminate. It’s been a busy and rewarding time in the Faculty of Education, with an undergraduate program review and renewal underway, the ongoing development of a draft strategic plan, celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), and continued teaching, research, projects and initiatives for the public good.

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It takes a community to support comprehensive school health

How can schools effectively support health and wellness for students and teachers alike to provide an optimal learning environment? The Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellow is hoping to help provide answers about how to build healthy school communities for Albertans from kindergarten to post-secondary—then share the model with the rest of the world.

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National Youth Dialogue sparks community-based research on reconciliation

Students from nine different schools across Canada are joining together in a virtual classroom to discuss the meaning of reconciliation—and to learn how to advocate for equity and justice.

The National Youth Dialogue project, based in the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research (CGCER) at the University of Alberta, will bring together approximately 700 Grade 9 students from coast to coast to practice a crucial aspect of citizenship they might not learn otherwise.

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