Teachers and Students as Cyborgs: A Talk with Dr. Catherine Adams

Dr. Catherine Adams comes by computing science quite naturally—her father, professor Bill Adams, was one of founding members of the University of Alberta’s Computing Science Department. “He taught me how to program when I was five or six years old,” she recalls. She never imagined it would become the focus of her academic career. But during her Bachelor’s degree she took one of her father’s classes and he was such a great teacher, she continued on in computing. “Reflecting back, he helped me to see that children can learn the basic principles of computing science at a young age.”

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Observations on Observation Day

By Peter Boer (current Education student)

If I returned to class on Monday morning, I did so grudgingly, only because I am legally required to complete my degree in order to teach in a school.

The reason for my current disposition is simply this ­– I just want to teach.

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Alumna Devotes Career to Teaching ‘Labeled’ Students

When Carol Fraser graduated from the U of A, Faculty of Education in 1983, job prospects in Edmonton were bleak. She was fortunate enough to secure a teaching position at Kipowtakaw on the Alexander Reservation just one week after convocation.

Located 55-km northwest of Edmonton, Kipowtakaw was the first band-controlled school in Canada (typically, reserve schools are under Federal jurisdiction). Fraser was hired to teach elementary school and, with the help of Elders, develop curriculum from an Aboriginal perspective.

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Arts With Impact: A Talk With Dr. Diane Conrad

The arts are part of our human nature, no matter if we’re skilled at complex mathematical equations, lab experiments, architectural designs, or not. The arts are universal—across time and cultures—and it’s this reality Dr. Diane Conrad utilizes in her research and its dissemination.

“Arts-based research uses the arts in the research process or as a product for knowledge translation. The arts are seen as a way of knowing and making meaning in the world,” explains Dr. Conrad. “Science is the dominant research paradigm, yet scholars are using the arts for their research, too. ”

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From Classroom to Courtroom

“There’s no thinking on your feet you can’t handle in a courtroom after you’ve taught junior high,” says Nancy Jacobsen, ’07 BEd, ’10 LLB.

The education grad who now works as a lawyer in Corporate Services with the City of Edmonton says though she never pursued teaching, her education degree paved the way for her career in law, which is just beginning.

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Memories of Africa: Graduand Reflects on EDFX 490 Program

Stephanie Baynton always wanted to go to Africa. She just needed a push. The University of Alberta graduand received the motivation she needed last year when she learned about the EDFX 490 program that allows students to teach in Ghana. "I’d always been interested in teaching overseas so it seemed like a good stepping stone,” says Baynton.

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Gay-Straight Alliances Paving the Way to the Future

Growing movement aims to create safe schools and encourage inclusivity

It’s not so strange to find clubs on the campus of any high school.  Students with common interests connect all the time to join groups focused on sports and academic clubs as well as social clubs.

But it’s only recently that students have gotten together to form gay-straight alliances, or GSAs.  Today they’re one of the fastest growing social movements within schools in North America.

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A Sneak Peek at Teaching AP and IB

Two Edmonton high school teachers gave us a little insight about what it takes to teach in the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs and what’s so great about having the job.

Offered in more than 100 countries, the AP Program focuses on preparing students for post-secondary entrance, offering the opportunity to take courses and earn university credits while still in high school.

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Edu Life | Ep.13 | CAPS Education Job Fair/Africa Field Experience

This week on Edu Life, the weekly Youtube show made by students for students, we have two awesome segments for you. First up, we brought CAPS in to talk about the upcoming Education job fair. Be sure to watch and learn all about this important event.

In the second segment, we hear a few words from both current students and alumni about the EDFX 490 Field Experience in Ghana, Africa. For those interested in joining us in Ghana for the spring/summer program, please email Lucy De Fabrizio (lmd@ualberta.ca).

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