Edu Life | Gamification

What is gamification? If you ask Fortune 500 companies, they will tell you it is the next big thing in marketing. But what does it mean for the classroom? How should teachers approach using gamification? Watch this week's episode of Edu Life to find out!

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Ed Grad Heads West for Start-Up Success

Aside from what he describes as the ultimate pie-in-the-sky scenario where he runs an organic farm and writes a phenomenally popular food blog, Ryan Engley, ’11 Bed, says he’s pretty darn close to having his dream job.

“I’m a big nerdy vegan plant-based foodie so I cook all the time. It’s my favourite thing to do,” he says with mucho enthusiasm.

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Teaching the Science of Possibility

“I think every student should take Computer Science 10 because it’s the science of what’s possible,” explains McNally High School teacher Scott Couprie (’97 BEd, ’93 BCom), when emphasizing how valuable the subject is for students.

Computer science in the classroom has come a long way since the days of programming a zillion lines of code to reach that “wow” moment when your name pops up on the screen.

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Edu Life | International Experiences

This week we have a very exciting episode that explores international opportunities for Faculty of Education students. We talk to graduate student Tracy Onuczko about her trip to Africa (and see photos from her trip) and then discuss a wide range of opportunities with Dr. George Richardson, Associate Dean, International.

If you have ever thought about going on an international adventure in Education, you need to watch this episode!

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Faculty to Help Restore Somali University

Before the civil war, Somali National University (SNU) was a thriving institution of higher learning, with 15,000 students, 700 staff members and 13 departments. Its alumni included the current president of the country, notable scientists, peace activists, humanitarians and dignitaries.

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Graduation Coach Mentors and Inspires Aboriginal Youth

It’s the transformation in her students when they experience success they didn’t think possible that Anita Lafferty loves most about her work as First Nations Metis Inuit (FNMI) Graduation Coach at St. Joseph High School.

“The best part of my job besides graduation day is seeing my students succeed where they thought they couldn’t. There is success in all the little things and the students feel pride when they accomplish what they may not have felt they could,” says Lafferty, who has been at the position since graduating from the U of A with a BEd in 2011.

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Is Handwriting a Lost Art?

“It was like breaking the code; this was something adults did,” says Sandy Bell, '77 BEd, reminiscing about her entry into the mysterious world of cursive handwriting. “It was a feeling that I’d arrived. I knew what they were writing about. It was big.”

She even remembers the effort she poured into her first handwritten Christmas thank-you letter. “That was important to me.”

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