Inspiring Young Global Citizens

A perfect mix of real world issues, technology and humour helps alumna Elissa Woolnough create classrooms full of globally minded thinkers.

Elissa Woolnough, ’97 BEd,  is pretty keen to be photographed with her classroom rubber chickens for this article, mostly because she knows her grade three students would get a total kick out of it.

It’s a fine illustration of her teaching style.

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Gay-Straight Alliances Save Lives

Recent controversy over gay-straight alliances in Alberta schools has put lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) rights into the national spotlight.

Last week, the Alberta legislature voted down a non-binding motion calling on the government to introduce legislation that would require school boards to support gay-straight alliances (GSAs) when requested by students.

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Edu Life | Gamification

What is gamification? If you ask Fortune 500 companies, they will tell you it is the next big thing in marketing. But what does it mean for the classroom? How should teachers approach using gamification? Watch this week's episode of Edu Life to find out!

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Ed Grad Heads West for Start-Up Success

Aside from what he describes as the ultimate pie-in-the-sky scenario where he runs an organic farm and writes a phenomenally popular food blog, Ryan Engley, ’11 Bed, says he’s pretty darn close to having his dream job.

“I’m a big nerdy vegan plant-based foodie so I cook all the time. It’s my favourite thing to do,” he says with mucho enthusiasm.

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Teaching the Science of Possibility

“I think every student should take Computer Science 10 because it’s the science of what’s possible,” explains McNally High School teacher Scott Couprie (’97 BEd, ’93 BCom), when emphasizing how valuable the subject is for students.

Computer science in the classroom has come a long way since the days of programming a zillion lines of code to reach that “wow” moment when your name pops up on the screen.

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