Dear future teacher…

The University of Alberta had a spectacular turnout for Alumni Weekend last fall, and our Education grads came out in record numbers.

At the sold out Education Homecoming Luncheon, we asked alumni and guests: What advice would you give our current students?

Here are just a few of their answers:

“Be sure to take one course that is not your favorite area. It will give you a lot of sympathy for students you teach later who are in their least favorite class.”
Cathryn Brecka, BEd ’74

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Student streeters

In the world of news, the “man on the street” or “woman on the street” interviews you see on TV are referred to as “streeters”. We hope to make streeters a regular feature of our magazine, bringing in the diverse voices of our students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

For this issue, illuminate asked Faculty of Education undergraduates: What makes this faculty special? Here are their answers:

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