Hands-on learning in the spotlight on Maker Day 2014

The days of teachers standing in front of chalkboards and using overhead projectors are long gone.

Today’s educators are often on the cutting edge of new technology that can be used to enhance students’ learning of everything from English language arts to programming logic.

On November 18, 2014, the Faculty of Education celebrated its first Maker Day with a Makerspace Conference for undergraduate students enrolled in EDU 210, Introduction to Educational Technology.

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New Canada Research Chair focused on advocating for sexual and gender minority youth

The need to support and protect sexual and gender minority (SGM) youth has never been more talked about in our province than it is today. While this vulnerable population is protected by our nation’s laws and legislation, they continue to be underserved in education and healthcare institutions.

André Grace, professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta, co-director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services (iSMSS), and newly named Canada Research Chair in Sexual and Gender Minority Studies, is working hard to change that.

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Dr. Paul Newton and the Teaching Principal

Far out in the northeast corner of Saskatchewan, Dr. Paul Newton learned firsthand the demands of the role of the ‘Teaching Principal.’ It’s a role that perhaps isn’t so unique; though less common in urban centers, it’s a reality in many remote Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba schools. Based on his past personal experience of carrying a 40% teaching load in addition to principal duties, he and a colleague from the University of Manitoba, Dr. Dawn Wallin, launched a pilot called “Descriptive Study of the Teaching Principal: Principals in Manitoba and Alberta.”

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Finding the right blend – the U of A partners with Aga Khan University to explore “blended learning”

By Andrew Patrick

Dr. Janet Welch is generally optimistic about the power of technology and learning, and it’s clear she has the weight of evidence supporting her. Welch is the assistant dean of Information, Technology and Computing at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Education, and part of the Educational Technology Services team. She is an expert in the field of ‘blended learning’, a mix of new teaching techniques that combine face-to-face learning in classrooms with digital or online activities.

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Revolutionizing Assessment: A Look at UAlberta's New Learning and Assessment Centre

The University of Alberta’s Learning and Assessment Centre (LAC) allows students to customize their exam schedule and the tools for taking the test. As more professors utilize the centre, it stands to revolutionize the way students take tests.

It’s spring. You’re studying for exams but are dismayed that you have three tests in one week. Why can’t you take exams when you feel most prepared instead?

Well, now you can.

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Roll Out the Red Carpet: It’s Time to Celebrate This Year’s Faculty of Education Award Winners

There’s lots to celebrate in the Faculty of Education at this time of year. The annual Faculty of Education Awards was held on April 10th in the Education North building where faculty, friends and family celebrated the best in teaching and research for the year.  Meet the individuals who’ve been recognized for their determination and contributions to the field of education at the University of Alberta. Let’s raise a metaphorical glass to their achievements!

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