Queer Muslims - out of the closet and into the library

Gianmarco Visconti occupies a privileged position in society, and he knows it. Born and raised in Edmonton, the Master of Library and Information Studies student in the Faculty of Education is also gay and Muslim--facts he can choose to disclose, or not.

“My mother is of Arabic descent, raised in Kenya by adoptive parents. She deliberately didn’t give us Arabic names to protect us from being targets,” says Visconti.

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Graduates of pilot project bring incredible richness to Alberta’s classrooms

This is not your average graduating class. The 11 students that make up this Faculty of Education cohort are already professional teachers with a combined 25-plus years of classroom teaching time, numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees, and nine languages under their belts.

They’ve also all left their home countries for new lives in Canada.

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The long and winding road to success

After a long road on her own out of poverty, Bachelor of Education student Amanda Beekman is “beyond excited” to be graduating from the University of Alberta.

With a sometimes part-time class schedule, in combination with international aid projects building houses in Mexico and visiting orphanages in Guatemala--and some breaks for travel to India, Africa, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam--Amanda has already had a good taste of ‘real life’. But as a result, the usual four-year education degree has taken more time.

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“Canadian Michelangelo” is UAlberta Education’s Artist in Residence

When he was commissioned to paint the immense domed ceiling of the Canadian Museum of Civilization in the early ‘90s, Alex Janvier was dubbed “the Canadian Michelangelo.”

Since then, he has continued to take on ambitious artistic projects, such as the recently announced floor mosaic planned for Edmonton’s new downtown arena. The mosaic, known as Tsa tsa ke k'e (“Iron Foot Place”), will be 150 square metres and has the distinction of being the largest public art work yet commissioned in the city.

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Education celebrates its own at teaching and research awards

Not many instructors can claim to have received teaching evaluations from their students that included the words “Woop! Woop!” But Cathryn van Kessel, instructor and PhD student in the Department of Secondary Education, sure can.

At the annual Faculty of Education Awards gala held at the University of Alberta on April 14, van Kessel was one of seven outstanding professors and instructors to receive an award for excellence in teaching or research.

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Education explores new partnerships, possibilities with UPretoria

This week, the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Education will welcome colleagues from South Africa’s University of Pretoria to Edmonton as part of a partnership formalized last fall.

Pretoria’s Dean of Education Irma Eloff and four distinguished scholars from the University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Education will visit UAlberta from April 21-23. Over the course of their stay, Pretoria’s scholars will be matched with their counterparts in the faculty to forge relationships and explore partnership opportunities.

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