Nerd Nite: Revenge of the Nerds

In one night, you can learn about robotics, edmontosaurs and the morphology of zebrafish without having to flip through the science channels on your television. While coincidentally the motto behind Nerd Nite is “It’s like the Discovery Channel with Beer,” the events offer much more than you’d expect from a night in front of the tube, sipping a Molson’s.

A typical Nerd Nite features about three live presentations, 20 minutes each, from experts with diverse backgrounds—artists, paleontologists, philosophers, you name it—who share their knowledge to often sold-out audiences.

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New International Diploma Program in Thailand to be Offered, Starting May 2014

The Faculty of Education and the Lertlah School Division of Bangkok, Thailand have announced an exciting new international teacher agreement.  The agreement will facilitate the delivery of a post-baccalaureate diploma program with a focus on International Teaching and Learning, offered  by the Department of Elementary Education and designed to send Education students to Bangkok to gain valuable international teaching experience.

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International Day of the Girl Child (Oct. 11th)

By Mackenzie Martin (Education undergraduate student, first year)

In 2012 the United Nations designated October 11th  International Day of the Girl Child. Proudly, the Canadian government was influential in the establishment of the  internationally recognized day. The International Day of the Girl Child is like International Women's Day except the day is dedicated to girls and the issues they are facing around the world.

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Janine Tine Wins Vanier Scholarship

By Sydnee Bryant

As a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta, Janine Tine is usually calm, relaxed. But Tine recently received news that would make just about anyone feel excited. Last spring, she learned that she was the recipient of a Vanier Scholarship, a prestigious award designed to attract promising doctoral students to Canadian universities.

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Education Officials from Afghanistan Look to Alberta for Teacher Education and Certification Model Development

As part of  The Teacher Certification and Accreditation of Teacher Training Institutions in Afghanistan Project (TCAP-Afghanistan), Ministry of Education officials from Afghanistan arrived in Edmonton last week with hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of what teacher certification and pre-service teacher education looks like in Alberta.

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U of A's Fully Online MLIS Program Promotes Greater Access to Library Education, Diversity, and Social Inclusion

By Katherine Joy Orobio

Three years ago, when Ernie Ingles was the new director of the Faculty of Education’s School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) at the University of Alberta (U of A), he saw a window of opportunity for the school to grow and to reach out to more communities. Now, forty-nine students from different parts of the country and around the world are enrolled in the first and the only fully online Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) program in Canada.

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Camp fYrefly Goes to Calgary

Summer camps come in all forms, and it's pretty easy to find programs centering on sports, arts, nature, science, dance and drama, or some other common activity.

Rarely is there a camp focusing on sexual identity and support for the development of self-realization and leadership in youth from marginalized groups.

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