Lucky 13: Q & A with a first-time drag king

It’s been three years since the first official University of Alberta Pride Week was celebrated on campus. In human years, it’s still a toddler. But the Annual OUTreach Drag Show, which will kick off UAlberta Pride Week 2016 this Saturday, has been around for 13 years. Consider it the spirited older sister that paved the way for its younger sibling.

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Looking at the classroom as a microcosm of the world

Amidst the devastation and chaos of the Syrian conflict, the successful relocation and settlement of refugees in Canada and other receiving nations offers a glimmer of hope in a seemingly dire, intractable situation.

But these newcomers still face many challenges in integrating with and accessing the benefits of the societies they’re joining. One such challenge is obtaining an education, especially given their unique needs beyond cultural differences, language deficits and the customary challenges faced by other migrants.

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Social justice by the book

Literature presents a way for the reader to see the world from unique perspectives, but can it help create a fairer, more just society?

Ingrid Johnston, professor emerita in the University of Alberta’s Department of Secondary Education, is researching how texts taught in school can open students’ eyes to racial, cultural and other kinds of difference, as well as to social issues such as poverty and addiction, as a way of cultivating empathy and global citizenship.

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Ninth Floor revisits most explosive student uprising in Canadian history

More than four decades ago, one of the most contested episodes in Canada’s history began at Sir George Williams University in Montreal.

It started quietly, when a group of Caribbean students at the school (now a part of Concordia University) began to suspect one of their professors of discrimination because of unfair grading. The suspicions then became formal accusations of racism, which were mishandled by university administration, and students occupied the university computer lab on the ninth floor of the Henry F. Hall Building in protest.

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Youth X-Change links communities for learning partnership

Separated by thousands of kilometres, three Indigenous community schools in western and northern Canada are taking part in an innovative partnership with University of Alberta researchers and supporting organizations to find new ways to engage Aboriginal students that better serve their diverse educational needs.

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From surviving to thriving

As recently as a decade ago, research into resilience in sexual and gender minority youth tended to focus primarily on the adversity and trauma they endure. André P.

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SMaRT thinking about motivating students

Most people have stories about at least one really great teacher who helped bring out their best and connect with learning in a whole new way. The fact that we remember these teachers as exceptional suggests they brought something to the classroom that not all teachers demonstrate: the ability to motivate students.

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Interim Dean of Education Randy Wimmer appointed to additional term

The University of Alberta’s Office of the Provost and VP (Academic) has announced that Dr. Randy Wimmer will serve an additional one-year term as interim Dean of Education.

Initially appointed for the period of July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, Wimmer will now serve until June 30, 2017, or until such time as a new Dean is appointed. A search for a new Dean will be conducted in the 2016-17 academic year.

Wimmer is a proud UAlberta alumnus, having completed his undergraduate degree, Master of Education, and Doctor of Education (in Educational Policy Studies) in this faculty.

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Mapping literacy: charting the territory of the texts we love

One of the artifacts from Margaret Mackey’s childhood is a picture book about Santa Claus that’s part of her earliest memories. She describes it as a cheap little thing printed on flimsy paper with no discernible literary merit. But when she recently found a copy and flipped to a page depicting kids making Christmas cookies, Mackey says the image stirred an internal experience she could scarcely put into words.

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