Mark Gierl Advances to Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Educational Measurement

Think back to junior high school. You’re sitting in a hard backed chair with your pencil and calculator poised, while the teacher tells you it’s time to open the paper booklets and start answering the multiple-choice questions. Your palms are sweaty, your head is pounding, and you’re finding it hard to focus as the clock loudly ticks away the seconds. When your teacher announces there are 10 minutes left, your heart is about to leap out of your chest.

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Verna Kirkness Launching Autobiography

By Peter Boer

Verna Kirkness has much more wisdom to share with the world, and she has chosen a very personal perspective in which to do so — her autobiography.

“They say you have to know the past to understand the present to plan for the future so that’s behind what I did,” Kirkness said during a recent interview. “I wrote it not as an academic thesis, but it’s a story. Storytelling is the way we learned as children from a grandparents.”

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22 Graduates from the University of Alberta / Blue Quills First Nations College Partnership Program Make History

This week, 22 graduates from the U of A Blue Quills First Nations College partnership program will make history.

The graduates will become the first to receive a parchment with two institutions’ names attached; “University of Alberta” and “in partnership with Blue Quills First Nations College” will be written on the graduates’ papers.

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New Certificate in Catholic Education Offered Through St. Joseph's College

What if there was a way to enhance your education, boost your resume and increase your odds of being hired?

Great news has come for those looking to answer those questions this fall. Students who wish to teach in the Catholic school system can now take a Certificate in Catholic Education offered through St. Joseph’s College.

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Nerd Nite: Revenge of the Nerds

In one night, you can learn about robotics, edmontosaurs and the morphology of zebrafish without having to flip through the science channels on your television. While coincidentally the motto behind Nerd Nite is “It’s like the Discovery Channel with Beer,” the events offer much more than you’d expect from a night in front of the tube, sipping a Molson’s.

A typical Nerd Nite features about three live presentations, 20 minutes each, from experts with diverse backgrounds—artists, paleontologists, philosophers, you name it—who share their knowledge to often sold-out audiences.

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New International Diploma Program in Thailand to be Offered, Starting May 2014

The Faculty of Education and the Lertlah School Division of Bangkok, Thailand have announced an exciting new international teacher agreement.  The agreement will facilitate the delivery of a post-baccalaureate diploma program with a focus on International Teaching and Learning, offered  by the Department of Elementary Education and designed to send Education students to Bangkok to gain valuable international teaching experience.

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International Day of the Girl Child (Oct. 11th)

By Mackenzie Martin (Education undergraduate student, first year)

In 2012 the United Nations designated October 11th  International Day of the Girl Child. Proudly, the Canadian government was influential in the establishment of the  internationally recognized day. The International Day of the Girl Child is like International Women's Day except the day is dedicated to girls and the issues they are facing around the world.

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