Linda Brittain celebrates 40 years with the Faculty of Education!

 Linda BrittainCongratulations and sincere gratitude to Linda Brittain, Regional Placement Coordinator in Undergraduate Student Services, for 40 amazing years of service in the Faculty of Education!

Student Advisor Alicia Payne says, “Linda has been an asset to the USS office with her hard work, dedication and generosity. When her 65th birthday happened, the office got together and decorated. People in the office filled out 65 colourful circles with reasons why Linda is great. There was so much appreciation for her knowledge, her humour, her acts of kindness and for her as a colleague.”

USS Manager Heather Kennedy-Plant has worked with Linda for 20 years, and recalls her kindness and supportiveness from her first days on the job.

“Linda has a great work ethic and in all of my years working with her, she has always gone above and beyond to offer help to me and her colleagues. She likes to be busy and when she has any downtime from her main task of securing and supporting regional student field experience placements, she can often be found in the file room filing or shredding files or at the front desk helping out with reception coverage.

“Linda treats USS with her baking on a regular basis—coffee cake, weight watchers muffins, banana or lemon loaf and apple crumble are a few of my faves). Over the years, we have also benefited from her love of gardening (beautiful fresh cut flowers, and fruit and veggies brought in for all staff to enjoy).

“I feel blessed to work with Linda and am so very happy to have her as a colleague and a friend! Happy 40th Anniversary, Linda!”