Spring 2012 Alumni Class Notes

Dan Vandermeulen, '68 BEd, '89 MEd, recently stepped into the role of Deputy Minister of Executive and Secretary to Cabinet with the Government of Nunavut. Dan, formerly President of Northern Lakes College (1987-2005) and President of Nunavut Artic College (since 2007) has many years experience serving the town of High Prairie as a Councilor. He also served as Chair of the High Prairie School Division Board of Trustees. With his background as an educator, administrator and superintendent Dan continues to share his expertise with the community.

Jane Ibell, '71 BEd, has lived in Melbourne since 1974 and now is a semi-retired teacher, who works in schools to keep the computers and networks working for the teachers.

Paul Meagher, '75 MEd has retired as a schoolteacher.

Robert Yaro, '76 BEd, reports that he is now the pastoral coordinator at St. John the Baptist Parish in Fort McMurray, AB.

Kathy Lacey, '79 BEd, received The Red Deer Citizen of the Year Award in 2011 for her outstanding contributions to the community. She is an active volunteer assisting with Festival of Trees, Westerner Park, Alberta 4-H, The Foundation for Red Deer Public Schools, and Red Deer College Affairs, to name a few. Kathy credits her parents for her lifelong active volunteerism as they demonstrated the joy of giving back to the community and getting involved. Kathy and her husband, Peter, operate Cervus Equipment Corp., a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange and enjoy living in Red Deer.

Dr. Morag Pansegrau, '79 MEd, '83 PhD, recently retired from St. Albert's Protestant school Board of Trustees. She served 17 years for the board, including 11 years as chair. She has been instrumental over the years in a variety of programs, including early literacy, as well as the Logos and Cogitos programs at Leo Nickerson and Elmer S. Gish schools. Dr. Pansegrau has been a leader in education and her past career includes Adjunct Associate Professor in the Educational Policy Studies department in the Faculty of Education. She was a young teacher recently emigrated from Scotland when she first taught at Ross Shepherd High School and has remained an educator active in Alberta's school systems ever since. Colleagues and friends have praised her ability to "focus on the needs of the kids". The sudden death of Dr. Pansegrau's husband, Gary, B,Comm, BEd, Dip. (Ed), last year prompted a move to Vancouver to spend time with family. We wish her the very best in her new home.

Gerald ChungGerald Chung, '83 BEd, '02 MEd, a High School teacher in Sherwood Park received a Smart Technologies award in 2011. He was also 1 of 23 teachers in Alberta that received a 2011 Provincial Excellence in Teaching Award. For 25 years his innovative work with technology and computer science in the classroom has been shared with his students at Bev Facey High School. "My students and I have a passion for learning through the use of technology, so it is important to incorporate technology wherever possible to engage students in their education." Technology savvy was further demonstrated as he was the only Canadian teacher chosen to mark the Advanced Placement computer science exam in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lorelei Loveridge, '90 BEd, writes to us from Qatar where she works for the Qatar Foundation. She began her teaching career at DS MacKenzie Jr. High in Edmonton but has spent the last 11 years working in the Middle East. She was a part of rebranding the IB Community & Service program at Qatar Academy, the flagship school of the Qatar Foundation, a school that teaches 60% Qataris and several members of the Al Thani ruling royal family. "Working in the Middle East has been a fantastic experience, and I have travelled all over the region and have colleagues and friends all over in several countries". In addition to her teaching career Kathy is also an accomplished singer/songwriter. You can check out her singing at http://www.youtube.com/loreleiloveridge or http://sonicbids.com/loreleiloveridge. We wish her continued success in her many travels!

Jane Walter, '92 BEd, founder of organicKidz- the first stainless steel baby bottle company in the world- won an Emerging Enterprise of the Year award from the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Founded in 2008 out of a desire to produce the safest and greenest children's drinking containers, organicKidz produces BPA-, PVC-and Phthalate-free products that are now sold in 35 countries worldwide.

David Sams, '99 BEd, after graduation from the U of A David went on to complete his Juris Doctor from the University of Florida and his Masters of Law from Stetson University College of Law. He currently works as an attorney at the law firm of Fabiani and Hope, P.A. in Gainsesville, Florida where he specializes in international corporate and business law.

Sharon Yeo, '05 BEd, was honoured in Western Living Magazine 2011 list of "Top 40 Foodies under 40", for her food blog, onlyhereforthefood.ca.

Jessica Baudin-GriffinJessica Baudin-Griffin, '05 BEd, loves to dance. With her special education focus she believes first hand in the power of dance, especially for children. She tells us, "research shows that kids involved in dance or other movement activities have greater self-esteem and are more confident among groups of peers". "There's also a strong correlation with kids achieving well in mathematics" given that dance involves musical rhythms and patterns. As the artistic director and owner of J'Adore Dance Jessica has focused her energy in building a family oriented, non-competitive dance studio that offers a variety of dance programs, including moms and babies, parents and tots, children, youth and adult dance classes. jadoredance.com

Rebecca ReddingRebecca Redding, '09 BEd, graduated from the Faculty of Education with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Physical Sciences. She will tell you, "I love chemistry because of experiments, and I love reactions. I think curious people take chemistry." She also loves biology and is happy to lead her students through dissections. Her enthusiasm for science is infectious. From a very young age she knew she wanted to teach. Rebecca tells us, "as the middle child of five I always remember liking to teach my two younger siblings! I had amazing science and math teachers at school as well, which prompted me from a very young age to explore and create. My junior high science teachers as well as my high school biology teacher were of particular inspiration. They made science fun and exciting. I remember always feeling challenged and feeling how relatable everything I was learning was to the real world. My love of science turned into a need to share with others - which naturally pulled me towards communicating what I have learned to students."

Rebecca has taught at the Morinville Learning Centre, Lilian Schick School in Bon Accord and is now at Redwater School. She enjoys teaching in small towns and has found inspiration in her students. She writes, "their want to learn and their drive to discover has made my job so rewarding. I have had the privilege of working with some great teachers and in turn have grown so much professionally, much of which I have been able to translate into novel and captivating ways of teaching. I am currently coaching our junior high boys basketball teams and enjoying the aspect of being able to teach and lead students outside of the classroom. I look forward to being in the classroom for many more years but do eventually aspire to getting my masters and moving into an administrative role."

Sephora Sookram, '09 BEd, express her thanks that "both the Louise McKinney Scholarship and the Dean's Entrance Citation in Education helped finance my education. I am forever grateful that there remain generous donors who are committed to celebrating student achievements and the spirit of higher education." Sephora began her teaching career substitute teaching for Chinook's Edge School Division in central Alberta and is currently teaching a grade two/three combined class. Sephora tells us, "It is my intention to maximize the opportunities afforded me by the U of A and its scholarship donors!".

Awards & Accolades

In 2011 the following alumni were recognized by The Faculty of Education as recipients of Research and Teaching Excellence in the faculty:

Ingrid Johnston, '92MEd, '96 PhD - McCalla Professorship Award
Jean Clandinin, '74 MEd, - Graduate Teaching Award
Dwayne Donald, '09 PhD & Florence Glandfield, '89 MEd, '03 PhD - ATA Educational Research Award
Gladys Sterenberg, '06 PhD - ATA Educational Research Award
Brent Bradford, '08 (Dip) Ed, '10 MEd, - Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award
Mike Carbonaro, '85 BEd, '97 PhD – Technology in Teaching Award
Jennifer Branch, '00 PhD & Joanne DeGroot, '98 MLI, '09 PhD - Technology in Teaching Award