Alumnus champions new method of bullying prevention

As the country observes National Bullying Awareness Week (November 12 – 17, 2012), there are few who need to be reminded of what is at stake. This is especially true for students, teachers and parents whose lives have been affected by bullying. For Karen Kondor (BEd ’94), the best thing to be talking about this week is the way forward.

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Telefonplan School in Sweden

Editor's note: this article has been updated to include new information and images sent to us from Principal Jeppesen of the Telefonplan School in Sweden.

By Harrison M. Campbell

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Under the same sun: Jonathan Anuik, Métis education and the history of teaching

By Vivian Lee

A wise and ancient king once said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Jonathan Anuik, assistant professor, Educational Policy Studies, would have to agree. Sitting in front of his office window, warm sunshine streaming through the glass, Anuik reflects, “We miss much of the historical contours to phenomena in society. We act as though, whenever anything happens, that it is new. I would argue there is a longer back story to everything.”

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It Runs in the Family

Shirley Burritt’s Excellence in Teaching Award is far from the first thing you see when you walk through the front door of her west Edmonton home. Tacked up on a wall off the living room in a plain black frame, it’s a subtle reminder of 36 years teaching elementary.“She’s super modest,” says her granddaughter Brianne Burritt, 25, a recent BEd grad just beginning her foray into teaching.

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Transcendent Teaching

Waymatea’s rich voice and carefully chosen words are like a mode of transportation. Sometimes they travel to the glistening waters and white sands of the Caribbean through her reggae lyrics with Souljah Fyah, and other times they emerge as a teacher looking to break down social barriers.

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Tilting at Windmills: challenging the status quo for the sake of students

One thing becomes crystal clear when talking to Terry Kotyshyn (B.Ed. ’76, M.A.’86) about his teaching career; he tried everything he could to help his students succeed.

Over a cup of coffee at a local café, we discuss his career.

“I’ve been tilting at windmills for most of my life. I think as adults we have to do more for kids than the status quo. It is our job to bend over backwards to find a way to connect to the kids in our classrooms,” says Kotyshyn.

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A Champion for Education

After earning a M.Ed. at the U of A, Sarah Hoffman opted to make change outside of the classroom, as one of nine Edmonton Public School Board Trustees. This September, she was elected Board Chair.

Growing up, Sarah Hoffman was the quintessential keener. When teachers posed questions to the class, she was always one of the first kids to raise her hand, straining her arm in an effort to be called on. Even after school, Hoffman was more interested in playing ‘school,’ than ‘house.’ “I was excited about school from day one,” she says.

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