Cheryl Poth wins the Provost’s Award for Early Achievement of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

For Poth, who teaches EDPY 303: Educational Assessment (a mandatory course for all pre-service teachers), these criteria are especially impressive to pull off, considering she teaches and coordinates with a team of teaching assistants in delivering nine on-campus sections of the course with an average class size of 140 students.

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Where is hope for children in the South African HIV/AIDS epidemic?

By Denise Larsen

Many homes in the rural townships of South Africa are headed by children, a generation of parents lost to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. How can these children find their way to good futures in their communities? Is there hope for a future in spite of their profound losses? How might they put hope for a good futures into action?

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Joy-Ruth Mickelson: A wonderful example for us all

At first glance, Dr. Joy-Ruth Mickelson’s, ’79 BEd ’83 MEd ’95 PhD, home looks perfectly typical, with its 1960s teak chairs and tables, house plants, photos of children and grandchildren. But, if you pay attention, you’ll see hints of an unconventional life: bookshelves filled with everything from Jewish history to local poetry to the peace movement to Mickelson’s own PhD thesis, completed at age 65; a slick Macbook beside a printed manuscript of her autobiography; a hand-painted, batik tapestry from Tanzania.

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Teacher education in my home country

Hyomin Shin, a native of South Korea and current exchange student in the Faculty of Education, looks to blend the teaching styles of east and west when she graduates next year and returns home to teach elementary children in her native land.

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2013 Faculty of Education Awards Gala

 The annual Faculty of Education Awards Gala was held this past Tuesday, April 16th.  In attendance to celebrate the hard work and commitment to excellence of the award winners were Dean Fern Snart, department chairs, faculty and students.  Here are this year's winners:

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MEd in education technology leads to new career for 16-year teaching veteran

By Ben Freeland

What is a teacher to do when in need of a new challenge after 16 years in the classroom? For Danny Maas, the answer lay in the challenging but fascinating world of information technology and its infinite potential applications to the teaching profession, leading him to pursue a master’s degree in educational technology at the University of Alberta.

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Calgarian Michelle Woo reflects on her first year in the University of Alberta's undergraduate teacher education program

Spending her first year in university after applying directly from high school has provided Calgarian Michelle Woo with more opportunities to grow than she could have imagined when she first applied into the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Alberta back in late 2011.

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