Seasonal Affective Disorder - don't let it get you down

by Carley Christianson PhD RPsych, Director of Student Support, Undergraduate Student Services

Do you feel like hibernating until spring because you have the winter blahs? Have you noticed that your grades tend to dip consistently during the winter semester, that your social life is on hiatus from late fall to early spring, or that you want to curl up with a bag of chips and stay in bed until the snow melts?

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Using video games in a new language of learning

The idea that teachers should know everything may be a thing of the past. No, really! With the introduction of technology into classrooms, the idea of ‘teacher as presenter’ and students as passive learners may no longer be the only way. Dr. Mike Carbonaro, professor of Educational Psychology, and Dr. Bob Ritter, Director of the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (CMASTE), are facilitating learning scenarios where children take the lead. The medium: building video games.

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There and back again: a down-to-earth look at teaching down-under

By Vivian Lee

As David Basisty (BEd, '01) recalls, a rainstorm had passed through the desert the night before. The once sparse landscape was an altogether different country now. Under the dusty red shadow of Uluru Rock, the world was alive with birds, insects and reptiles, and the scent of lemon myrtle lingered over the landscape.  Running a hand through the desert soil - the weight of it as it slipped through the fingers surprisingly dense - left behind copper-coloured stains.

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Steier travels to Prague for Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum

Adjunct Professor Marilyn Steier recently returned from Prague, Czech Republic, where she was a judge at the 2012 edition of the annual Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum. There, she and fellow judges painstakingly debated the strengths of applications sent in by educators from over 70 countries who were all vying for prizes from Microsoft.

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Students For Development Internships

With more to talk about than stories of the extreme heat or the extreme cold, this video reflects the experiences of three Students for Development interns—one from Canada and two from Tanzania—and the opportunity for an internship that brought each of them half-way around the world to interact with and learn with their counterparts in education. This past summer, UAlberta Master’s student, Sasha Wittes, travelled to Tanzania to complete an internship at Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development, East Africa.

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10 tips for managing stress during exams

By Dr. Carley Christianson

This year you can make sure that uninvited guests, like stress and anxiety, stay away as you study for your final exams.

Feeling prepared and in control is the best gift you can give yourself as you get ready to write your finals. While some stress is a normal response to an anticipated event, like exam writing, when that stress gets out of control it can be debilitating and make test preparation a very difficult task.

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Dual-sport champion

Third year Education student Sabrina Kelly has been successful in CIS sports to a degree that most student athletes could only wish for – and she had done so in not one, but two very challenging sports: rugby and wrestling.

A year after the historic 2011 Pandas wresting team national win, she added another medal to her collection earlier this month with a bronze medal win in the CIS national rugby championships in Antigonish, N.S.

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ATEP graduates enter teaching profession as proud alumni

As just under 200 students walk the stage at fall convocation 2012--and just as many unique stories with them—we look at this time to some of our ATEP graduates for their reaction to graduating and their thoughts on what they see in their future as educators.

Enaam Moghrabi, who hails from Lebanon, is one of the many proud ATEP graduates walking across the stage at convocation on Nov 20th, 2012.

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