Spring 2012 Alumni Class Notes

Dan Vandermeulen, '68 BEd, '89 MEd, recently stepped into the role of Deputy Minister of Executive and Secretary to Cabinet with the Government of Nunavut. Dan, formerly President of Northern Lakes College (1987-2005) and President of Nunavut Artic College (since 2007) has many years experience serving the town of High Prairie as a Councilor. He also served as Chair of the High Prairie School Division Board of Trustees. With his background as an educator, administrator and superintendent Dan continues to share his expertise with the community.

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From Ghana to Gahna

A Global Citizenship Experience in Africa led Louis Williams to a teaching position at a First Nations reserve

One hot afternoon, Louis Williams lay down in a field to gaze at a Ghana sky, but was soon interrupted by worried students - and a cold splash of water. "The kids were asking, 'Are you sick?' while pouring water over me to make sure I was okay," he says.

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Technology in Education: Add-on or Game Changer?

A decade ago laptops, iPhones, and Smart Boards in the classroom might have seemed like science fiction. But technology has migrated from the isolated applications of scientists and engineers into the sphere of education.

First came computer labs and the internet. Now, students bring personal devices and communicate wirelessly. This phenomenon has transformed the face of learning in Alberta classrooms and around the world.

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