7 tech tools for readers and writers

With so many apps, software options and tech platforms available on so many devices, it can be overwhelming to choose the best tools available for teaching and learning.

Thankfully, the tech-savvy educators in the Faculty of Education’s Technologies in Education unit are here to help you stay on top of the latest educational tools, gadgets and strategies.

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Enter the Ninjas

By day, Sheldon Durstling (BEd ‘12), Cheryl Lyster (BEd ‘13) and Angie Barron (BEd ‘04) are elementary school teachers. But when they’re not in the classroom, they become online ninjas, putting their skills and experience to killer use developing a website for fellow educators called Ninja Plans.

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Top 10 tech tools for teachers

From increasing student engagement to reducing exam marking time, there are many reasons for teachers to explore the educational tech tools available in today’s market.

“Technology not only supplements student learning, but at times transforms it,” says James Park, a learning consultant in the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Education.

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Hands-on learning in the spotlight on Maker Day 2014

The days of teachers standing in front of chalkboards and using overhead projectors are long gone.

Today’s educators are often on the cutting edge of new technology that can be used to enhance students’ learning of everything from English language arts to programming logic.

On November 18, 2014, the Faculty of Education celebrated its first Maker Day with a Makerspace Conference for undergraduate students enrolled in EDU 210, Introduction to Educational Technology.

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Finding the right blend – the U of A partners with Aga Khan University to explore “blended learning”

By Andrew Patrick

Dr. Janet Welch is generally optimistic about the power of technology and learning, and it’s clear she has the weight of evidence supporting her. Welch is the assistant dean of Information, Technology and Computing at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Education, and part of the Educational Technology Services team. She is an expert in the field of ‘blended learning’, a mix of new teaching techniques that combine face-to-face learning in classrooms with digital or online activities.

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OK Computer

Today Alberta stands as a global leader in educational technology. U of A Professor Emeritus Dr. Craig Montgomerie played an important role in getting us there.

By Ben Freeland

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19 ways to use Twitter in the classroom

By Carol Tonhauser

Using Twitter in the classroom is one of the most discussed tech-related topics concerning today’s classroom. But where does one begin? There just are so many ways to integrate the social media service into a lesson plan. Well, here are a few tips to get you started!

1) Follow a #tag relevant to your lesson plan For example, you could follow #poetry in your English class.

2) Create and promote your own #tag (ex. #schoolnameFrench11)This can be a great way to encourage discussion around a specific topic.

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